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TEI TE-1000 Drifter National Piling Products nppius.com

Here at National Piling Products we care about your quality and productivity which is why we offer TEI Drifters.  See more info below.  

Quality is built into every American-made TEI drifter. TEI’s full line of hydraulic drifters feature patented technology that sets our drilling platforms at the pinnacle of power. TEI drifters are designed to bring the power necessary for efficient soil nailing, micropile and other

rock and soiling drilling applications.‚Äč


TEI drifters incorporate innovative Automatic Stroke Adjustment (ASA) technology as their percussion system. The high frequency and smooth operation of the ASA system increases productivity and extends the equipment’s life cycle well beyond the dated drilling technology employed by many manufacturers. Automatic Stroke Adjustment reduces the frequency and stroke of the piston, which only comes to full power when the shank adapter pushes the piston back into the full-firing mode.

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