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TEI patented ASA percussion

Compact Design for Drifting and Tunneling

High Torque design for Hollow Bars

Output Power: 10-10.5 HP (7-8 kW)

Rotation Torque: 200-1000 lb-ft (273-1361 Nm)

Weight: 144/182 lbs (65/83 kg)

TEI TE-260



Max. delivery pressure | 60 bar (853.2 psi)  


Mixing/storage tank working capacity | 2x75 l (19.84 US gal)                                                  

Total Power Requirement | 7.5 kW (400 V)

TEI drifters are fully tested for accurate percussion and rotational torque to insure delivery of world class TEI equipment.‚Äč

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