Micropile Drills & Components

Comacchio MC 8D

  • The Ultimate limited access drill – extremely versatile
    • R2400 standard, TE1000 drifter available
    • Telescopic mast to change headroom quickly
  • Unstoppable articulation
  • Drill in 8’6” headroom
  • Removable power unit 
  • Drill and power unit designed to be flown/picked easily

The Comacchio MC 8D is a compact drill rig with great versatility. This drill boasts 18,000 ft lbs of torque and 14” clamps.  It can be also outfitted with a drifter for the installation of hollow bar and other products. The unit’s power pack can be removed and tethered up to 100’ for interior or limited access projects.  It can also drill in limited overhead situations with less than 10’ of ceiling height and can comfortably install 10’ materials at full mast.