Micropile Drills & Components

TEI MME Hydraulic Drilling Attachment

  • Heads include the new TEI 260 HT Drifter and the 250 Rotary
  • Electric Power Packs give you the ability to operate the drill at optimum flows in any situation
  • Can be fitted to skidsteers, mini excavators and directly mounted to concrete surfaces or even attached to man baskets

The MME is a lightweight drill for excavators 5-10 tons, incorporating many of the same features as the much larger HEM. The MME uses the same aluminum feed system as the man-portable drills. In this way many contractors consider the MME to be their “outside” drill while the man-portable drill is the “inside” drill. Using TEI’s patented drifter technology the MME is an excellent tool for installing micropiles, soil nails, tie backs, rock drilling and the installation of the popular hollow bars.​