Micropile Drills & Components

TEI TD 100 Drill Rig

  • Fitted with the new TE 1000 drifter which can generate 10,000 ft. lbs. of torque and is designed for the larger hollow bars such as 76 and 103mm
  • This unit has a 10” clamp and breaker
  • Multiple mast sizes for limited access and low headroom situations
  • Used for standard micropile duplex drilling and hollow bar applications

The TD100 is an electric/hydraulic limited access drill designed to safely install cased micropiles and large hollow bar micropiles. The rubber tracks can contract to 48-inches (1219mm) to tram into difficult drilling positions. The 100HP motor allows the TD100 to operate any drifter or rotary head manufactured by TEI Rock Drills. There are many possibilities with the TD100 and your imagination as a contractor is all that will hold you back when using this powerful little drill.